Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Practise time!!

Just starting new blog on new site, here is a picture of a lovely castle at a place we visited called Aberystwyth.We had a lovely day, with the sun out all day!!!No I must keep reminding myself it is not summer yet!!!! We had a picnic too with lots of yummy things to eat and we didn't even have to enter a £1 shop!!!!bye for now, inca.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE aberystwyth. I lived there (in penparcau) for 4 years when I was younger. I remember being a flower dancer, dancing in the castle grounds. Sad but true. x

Inca said...

Wow really? Gosh what a small world,ah a flower dancer how sweet!Nothing sad at all:)Aberystwyth well parts of it is lovely,we love being by the castle in the summer but can never et the two younger angels away from the park and the older ones from Oxfam's fab bookshop and Polly's!!Oh and me from the health food shops xxx