Friday, 3 December 2010

Advent Days 2&3.

I'm sorry for not showing you all day 2 on day 2 as I know you are all dying to have a peep at all the goodies we are swapping,but sadly my Angel 4's school Priest from our local church and school passed away unexpectedly,and it shook us up a bit.Christmas time can be hard for many people for many reasons.It is a time to reflect and think of other people and of course have fun too.
So my lovelies do you want to see what I have?
Go on yes put the kettle on,get comfy!I know I'm a bit of a tease,hehe.I just love the paper Louise used and her lovely home made labels.Sorry about the dark pictures and this blue line that keeps appearing after I have loaded a picture.Look at the beautiful little bar of chocolate,it looked so delicate and I honestly felt like Charlie from the chocolate factory winning the golden ticket:) It had bees on the chocolate and tasted divine.
I had to share with Angel 5 well tis the season for sharing,hehe!
Then there were the little sticky notes,they are so pretty,I will be finding plenty of uses for these little beauties!Thank you Louise again.

Day 3
Are you ready?Some scrummy festive all butter yep all butter biscuits,oh well couldn't have been more perfect.After coming in from the school run Angel 5 said "cup of tea mummy and a biscuit?" Oh dear no biscuits,so I went to my lovely pile of advent goodies and hey presto!So we tucked into them,and the house was quiet:)Thank you again Louise,your a treasure:) I had to have a chuckle to myself as I was trying to remember my advent gifts to Louise and one of them is a pretend pot of the real stuff we all have on the ground and that is causing so much chaos,ha ha when it all disappears at least Louise can have more of it if she wishes or even sprinkle it out for the Man himself!

I do love my cosy days just me and my Angel,she makes me laugh so much.Talking of Angel 5 we were supposed to be having the Adoption hearing last month but the social workers did not have the correct paperwork and it had been adjourned until Dec 10th so fingers crossed!It annoys me that they can not get something so simple and important right,and worryingly with the cuts announced it will only get worse and more children will wait and more children will suffer.Children of the world deserve more!God Bless them all.
Keep warm my peeps,

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st Day of Advent!

Hello my lovelies,how are you all?Keeping warm I hope in these freezing conditions.Brrrr!Well here we are the 1st day of Advent which means our 1st day to open our little advent swap pressies.Woohoo!How exciting for us all and Thank you to my beautiful friend Lynda for organising it!I must admit I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew,where have the weeks gone?Anyway my swap partner is the lovely Louise. just look at these lovely packages.Can you spot no 1?I'm so excited and must admit if it hadn't been for my wonderful daughter Harriet,I think I would have ripped them all open but then where is the real excitement in that? hehe.Shall I show you my treats I know you are all dying to know,A beautiful Advent charity card,my own very own advent so sweet,oh just look at no 1 :) some scrummy Chrissie jellies mmmm,all mine kids sorry but you are Angels after all:) and a lovely Angel card of Encouragement,how did Louise know how much this card would mean to me and today of all days which has been a bit dark for me but after reading the words and having a little cry I feel so much better.Thank you Louise and of course the Angels.

I have lots to say happy and sad but that can all wait for another day.Roll on Day 2 I say.I will leave you with Louise's Angel card and for anyone out there feeling a bit out of sorts look to the Angels they work in mysterious yet wonderful ways.
Gentle Blessings to you all.
Becky xx