Friday, 3 December 2010

Advent Days 2&3.

I'm sorry for not showing you all day 2 on day 2 as I know you are all dying to have a peep at all the goodies we are swapping,but sadly my Angel 4's school Priest from our local church and school passed away unexpectedly,and it shook us up a bit.Christmas time can be hard for many people for many reasons.It is a time to reflect and think of other people and of course have fun too.
So my lovelies do you want to see what I have?
Go on yes put the kettle on,get comfy!I know I'm a bit of a tease,hehe.I just love the paper Louise used and her lovely home made labels.Sorry about the dark pictures and this blue line that keeps appearing after I have loaded a picture.Look at the beautiful little bar of chocolate,it looked so delicate and I honestly felt like Charlie from the chocolate factory winning the golden ticket:) It had bees on the chocolate and tasted divine.
I had to share with Angel 5 well tis the season for sharing,hehe!
Then there were the little sticky notes,they are so pretty,I will be finding plenty of uses for these little beauties!Thank you Louise again.

Day 3
Are you ready?Some scrummy festive all butter yep all butter biscuits,oh well couldn't have been more perfect.After coming in from the school run Angel 5 said "cup of tea mummy and a biscuit?" Oh dear no biscuits,so I went to my lovely pile of advent goodies and hey presto!So we tucked into them,and the house was quiet:)Thank you again Louise,your a treasure:) I had to have a chuckle to myself as I was trying to remember my advent gifts to Louise and one of them is a pretend pot of the real stuff we all have on the ground and that is causing so much chaos,ha ha when it all disappears at least Louise can have more of it if she wishes or even sprinkle it out for the Man himself!

I do love my cosy days just me and my Angel,she makes me laugh so much.Talking of Angel 5 we were supposed to be having the Adoption hearing last month but the social workers did not have the correct paperwork and it had been adjourned until Dec 10th so fingers crossed!It annoys me that they can not get something so simple and important right,and worryingly with the cuts announced it will only get worse and more children will wait and more children will suffer.Children of the world deserve more!God Bless them all.
Keep warm my peeps,

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st Day of Advent!

Hello my lovelies,how are you all?Keeping warm I hope in these freezing conditions.Brrrr!Well here we are the 1st day of Advent which means our 1st day to open our little advent swap pressies.Woohoo!How exciting for us all and Thank you to my beautiful friend Lynda for organising it!I must admit I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew,where have the weeks gone?Anyway my swap partner is the lovely Louise. just look at these lovely packages.Can you spot no 1?I'm so excited and must admit if it hadn't been for my wonderful daughter Harriet,I think I would have ripped them all open but then where is the real excitement in that? hehe.Shall I show you my treats I know you are all dying to know,A beautiful Advent charity card,my own very own advent so sweet,oh just look at no 1 :) some scrummy Chrissie jellies mmmm,all mine kids sorry but you are Angels after all:) and a lovely Angel card of Encouragement,how did Louise know how much this card would mean to me and today of all days which has been a bit dark for me but after reading the words and having a little cry I feel so much better.Thank you Louise and of course the Angels.

I have lots to say happy and sad but that can all wait for another day.Roll on Day 2 I say.I will leave you with Louise's Angel card and for anyone out there feeling a bit out of sorts look to the Angels they work in mysterious yet wonderful ways.
Gentle Blessings to you all.
Becky xx

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Was going to post about some lovely things but the TROLLS in blog land are back!

Good Evening ,how are you all?I was going to tell you about my lovely swapsie I received from beautifully talented and kind hearted Kazzy and my very exciting snail mail pen pal swapsie from the lovely Beki.
But sadly there are some unsavoury peeps out there who I know have done their rounds on other blogs and now they feel the need to visit me anonymously and comment on disciplining my youngest Angel!This troll (my eldest says they are called) obviously has nothing better to do and it is a very sad state for them to be in and maybe they should make their own blog seeing as they have so much advice to give. It is sad as I have made many lovely bloggy friends and have know people to go to private mode because of these trolls well,I would just like to thank them for the advice but next time have the nerve to not write anonymously.With me working in the profession I am in I come across many desperate cases and indeed could write a book,never judge a book by it's cover and indeed this is what they have done!!!!
For all you lovely bloggers out there we must unite and stand up to these trolls:)
Time for a cuppa,
night and Blessings to you all

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Artist in a making?

My budding little artist!!!!

Deep breath!!!O.k I'm all for letting the Angels creative side come out but I think this is a step too far!Who would think that this little Angel was such an artist:) Doesn't she look just so sweet with her new peppa pig umbrella and new wellies,oh and not forgetting the beret which she used to wear at 6 mths:) Are you ready look what the budding Picasso did to her brothers wall with oil based pastels and newly painted wall;0

Thank goodness it wasn't all over his prized possessions!What could I say?Yep let her creative side come out,come out think she went a step too far coming out hehe!

As I was cooking tea last night she asked for a cloth,thought nothing of it as she does like to help mummy,went in the living room just to check and she had found Angel 4's red arilyc tube of paint!She had a big grin on her face!At this point Angel 4 was walking through the door from college,she was the one who had the telling off:)Kids!!!
But they do make my heart melt,
Thanks for listening and hope you are all having a cheery morning,Beckyx

Monday, 27 September 2010

Mr Postie rocks and my mum is a gem:)

Good morning my dears,are you all sitting comfortably,that's it pull up a chair,anyone for a pot of Yorkshire tea,maybe a coffee,hot chocolate,herbal tea,or maybe a barley cup or a nice cold drink.What's your favourite beverage?Oh yes how observant of you I have baked a cake too,slice anyone?It is a Madeira cake next time I think I'll put chocolate drops in!There that's better,feel refreshed now.I should really cut down on the amount of tea drinking I do,but hey it's damp outside:) Well Mr Postie knocked on my door,urm wasn't expecting anything no not from Amazon or Folksy or Misi etc etc hehe.Look what came,I know you're dying to know!!A bag,yep a big bag,with my mum's writing on the brown paper,do you want to look inside?Angel 5 thought it was Christmas,mind you so did I.I was on the phone the other day saying how I needed to get a coat for Angel 5 and p.j's for Angel 4 and that's what was in part of the parcel along with these beautiesAll from Matalan,what a kind mummy I have but folks that's not all look at thisA coat for ME,it is a sage green/army type green and feels lovely the older Angels say it suits me,it feels very snugly, I just couldn't believe how thoughtful and kind my mum has been,when I phoned she said "it had £10 off if I got it next week but I know it has got colder and you haven't got a proper coat"bless!!!I will save it for my trip to Yorkshire!On Saturday my two older Angels came with me to a vintage market,Angel 3 bought this lovely 1950's bag and a beautiful dress,but for some reason she can not upload any pics on her blog the whole set up has changed if anyone can help I would be most grateful.We had a nice time and I loved mooching amongst the records now both Angels want a record player and one one theseI do love my Angels even their teenage tantrums but don't tell them that:)
That's it for now my lovelies,have a good day
Blessings all round Beckyx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A mouse in the house,but it won't get my bargains!!!

Well my lovelies we have a mouse in the house of Angels,it is a very clever sneaky little mouse and doesn't give much away in trails.Let me explain,Angel5 and I had been busy making a cake for Daddy Angel's Birthday,we put the cake to the side and let it cool.Time then for a bit of peppa pig,hehe.After going back into the kitchen this is what I found!

Yes it is a big mouse you are all right,and a tidy worker or nibbler should I say!No evidence on Angel 5,mouth clean no munching no grinning,so it must be a mouse!!!Well what I forgot to say was that I had left the chair that my little Angel had stood on by the cake yep mouse's work was a lot easier he he!!!Here is mouse:)

My beautiful mischievous little girl here with her brother who is pulling rather a funny face!What could I say?I laughed so much it hurt:) All she said was "yaya(what she calls herself) did it!" made my day!Mice like this I can cope with any time!Now onto my bargains,as you can imagine my little Angel really dislikes shopping but sometimes tolerates Acorns the charity shop by me,this is what we found waiting for us with my name on them:)

All these lovely things came to under £10,the two mugs were from Tesco they were £1.50 each but when I got home they only charged me for one,the top still had label on "Tu" from Sainsburys,the crochet blanket will go beautifully in our disability short stay bedroom(I'm trying to make it feel child like but with a seaside feel too),Nineteen minutes by Jodi Picoult,I haven't read any of her books so can't wait to see if she is my kid of author!"Can you see a little bear" by James Mayhew and Jackie Morris is just beautifully illustrated and takes you on a journey through a series of ultra colourful settings in different countries using lush exotic watercolours and rhyming text
I was going to show you some of the lovely pages but for some reason all the pictures are loading upside down so I won't subject you to twisting your heads at this late hour,hehe!
Good night peeps

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Do you believe in Fairies?

My Love of Fairies
Do any of you believe in fairies,or did you ever go on fairy hunts when you were little or maybe still do believe in them now?Well below is my Angel 5 dressed in her fairy wings having a cup of tea.Oh dear her poor wings look a bit battered but Angel 5 does do so much flying,in fact she doesn't stop!So I think I need to leave her wings for the fairies to maybe mend in the evening when they may have some free time:)

And here she is my beautiful and very special Angel having her morning tea,on Nov 24th we have our first court hearing one which we don't attend and fingers crossed after that it will be her naming day when she legally becomes OUR angel!It has been a roller coaster for the last 2 1/2 years but as they say there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are nearly at the end:)

Fairies,well have any of you watched Fairytale the film based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finding two girls Elsie and Frances who claimed they had evidence that they had seen fairies,it is the most beautiful film ever for all ages and my Angel3 (now 16) still talks fondly of it.I bought her this book many years ago and found it lurking among the depths of clean/dirty washing in her room,so I though I 'd share it with you all.

The actress Pheobe Nichols whom I used to stay her house when I lived in London as my friend was a nanny to her children played Mrs Gardner the Mum,and I remember even before the film was made she had fairies of different kinds dotted around her London home.I felt very uplifted finding the book and have now ordered the dvd as the video died it's death and can not wait to watch it again.I am no artist by any means how I got a B in G.C.S.E I will never know but I feel the urge to try just try and every time I visit beautiful Kazzy's wonderful blog I long to be able to draw and create talented pieces of loveliness like Kazzy so my lovely readers watch this space,maybe just maybe I will show you a drawing one day!Unless of course the fairies get hold of it first!!!

And this is my other beautiful Angel,Angel 3 of the Angel house,she has a blog called shoutaboutart she has just moved back from Wales and is finding life at College where that have made her choose subjects she doesn't want to do because of cut backs!!World gone crazy what has happened to the right of children?!

Her brother Angel 1 told her (after watching the film and loving the whole fairy thing) that the story was a hoax her whole world fell apart she must of been 6-7 at the time and her brother 8-9 what a cruel thing she has never forgiven him for that but as I keep telling her if you stop believing the magic disappears and we don't want that now do we?She did get her revenge back back throwing a Wallace and Grommit (was his favourite film too)video at him and split his head open!Ah siblings the joy of each and every one of the 5 we have!!!

Both Harriet and I have just received our advent swap partners names from lovely Lynda's blog and we are very excited,so again much for me to blog about:)

Well folks thank you for reading my ramble for today,tomorrow I will show you some bargain finds and tell you about mouse!
Gentle Blessings to you all

Reasons to be cheerful,and a fun advent swap!

Where have I been?Well I won't ramble on about being a bad or rather forgetful blogger,I'll just say sorry!
!Reasons to be cheerful,oh my well,we have been given the first hearing for the adoption for our Angel and it is in November!We don't attend,and birth Mum has until a date in October to shout up about it.Angel 5 is most funniest most determined little angel I have ever known and she is a natural survivor and I love her with my whole heart!
She is at play school this morning for 2 hours and loves it,she doesn't even look back but always says"mummy coming back later",my heart melts.We had to stand up to what we believed was right for her even from 4 days old when I held her in my arms,we had a fight on our hands with the authorities but after many hurdles it is nearly over.(I was going to put up some pictures but because I haven't a clue what I'm doing I have lost them,grrrr!)
I will battle on with finding the missing pictures and tell you about "The coming of the Fairies" later!
Oh nearly forgot my friend Lynda
(couldn't link it as it kept underlining whole of my writing,oh dear bear with me he he!!!)she is doing an advent swap and we all get a partner to swap little things with to open each day leading up to Christmas,it is a lovely idea and for someone like me who wants to make things but finds it hard then it will be searching for things,any way pop over to her lovely blog and get your name down.
Well my lovelies I'm off to collect my Angel and then tonight find the photos for you to see
love& light to you all,

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

All good things come to those who wait!!!

I know it is a bit or rather a huge shock that 1: I'm actually blogging and 2: have managed to put in some pictures!!!All you lovely girls out there are so creative I thought I would sort of have a go!Today I went to a local market,but out of all the stalls there was only one that took my fancy,Harriet told me all about THE stall,so I had to go and have a peek,but sorry ladies I didn't take my camera!!!

What did I find? Well Angel 5 was with me and she HATES shopping my beautiful Angel,who was not supposed to place here in this post but it's all gone crazy(bitten off more than I can chew I think!Not brave enough to show full view pic not yet not till after everything has gone to court then I'll show her off!!!

ANGEL 5 playing!
Back to plaster tins that I had put in but then deleted them and all my waffling!!!

Aren't they just so lovely?Not sure what Mr Angel will think of them or my agency for Health & Safety Ha ha but I love them and at £1 each love them even more!What do you think?Love em or hate em?Now for some more little treasures
Flowers galoreAren't they pretty and only 50p,then came the Butterflies that I wasn't going to let slip through the net for 50pPerfect I think,not so in the mind on Angel 4 who is 7 as he was totally confused about the fact that I would collect these cards from packets of tea and lose tea at that, or what! So my dears some pretty yet simple finds I think!
This post may not be perfect but Claire I think it will do for today!It's a start,I'm a slow learner!!!Hope you are all having a lovely evening,tomorrow is the start of my count down to sitting in front of 12 professionals talking about my dirty washing!!!Intrigued .....all will be revealed!!!!
Love & light

Monday, 19 April 2010

I won,I won.I won!!!

The lovely Claire at HeartHandmade was doing a give away and I WON!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw the name Becky.I thought it can't be me!!! I'm so happy!!

 Thank you Claire for doing the Give away x

Friday, 16 April 2010

Free Giveaway

I know I am a terrible blogger but I still haven't worked this all out!Anyway so much has been happening,not sure where to start,instead let me tell you about a lovely blog by Claire she is doing a give away so get your fingers on the buttons and get over there to take a peep and enter, is such an inspiration!You've all got until Sunday April 18th to enter the draw and the winner will be announced the day after! Best of luck everyone!I will be back!!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Mulu raw,social workers,pulling of hair

Well what a few days I have had! I have been looking at lots of lovely blogs that are giving me so much inspiration about trying out new recipes, and trying to eat more healthily and most of all experimenting I guess with food but I hasten to add TOFU it still is sitting in the freezer waiting for me to pluck up the courage to cook it!!!!
I have lots of pictures and have just seen the "add image" icon duh I am so computer slow but also have no idea where the lead is so please be patient-thank you!!I then felt perhaps I should call this something different but Angels are here they are my life they are my family,I didn't know weather to talk about our adoption road but will add updates!
Mulu raw chocolate, wow Mr postie delivered Mr little package today,I opened it without the eagle eyes of my smallest angel as I don't think she would really appreciate it! I ordered the silk and dark,the silk smelt like dark but certainly was so silky and the best non dairy I have ever experienced also the dark was rich and just delicious thank you D.J at I just couldn't resist ordering some:) a treat that will be hidden away in the depths of the pantry:)
Social Workers what can I say you get told something from senior ones and then something else totally different from another!!!We have now been told it will take 5 mths for our little angel to be ours not 1-2 months like we were told!I know 5 months doesn't seem long but she has lived with us for 21 months as a foster child and has been let down by the pen pushers she deserves quicker than 5 months!! She is pushing all boundaries at the moment and has gone back to pulling children' s hair she had stopped it for about 6 months but have had 3 episodes at toddler groups this week,it really upset me on Tuesday and I felt I have let her down somehow!! She just laughs at me when I explain her behaviour is unkind and hurts,it is certainly not learnt behaviour!!
Something totally different now my eldest daughter nearly 16 has a boyfriend,and we plan to go to Wales in Feb to meet him and his family,he does sound lovely,but I fear her education is dipping slightly!!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Tea pot,fingers and in need of bigger pantry!!!!

Last night we had a bit of a panic well I did and little angel!!! She had managed to get her finger stuck in the plug hole while I was draining water out!!!Sheer panic felled over me and her(why can I not ever keep calm when things happen to my own?) After screaming for Mr Angel for help I managed to loosen it out,phew what a night,I sat and cried and angel kept looking at her poorly finger!!!I will NEVER empty the bath while she is in it again!!!!!
Before all the little episode we had been to TKMAX and I got myself..... a Teapot :) I've been wanting one for ages ever since I bought a fab vintage tea cosy from Mrs Thrifty which shshsh was a gift to my eldest angel who loves a good cup of Earl Grey!!!! It is pale pink with cream stripes!!!I also bought a cornish ware type large milk jug you know the blue n cream stripes,pics to follow!!!!!So pleased even though Mr Angel just raised his eyebrows as if to say "where will you put them?"
Bigger pantry is needed or someone to come in and organise my new buys!!!!I went to Holland and Barrett too and bought a few things but wished I had someone in the know to guide me.DJ you sprang to mind but Scotland is a bit far from the midlands eh!!!! I bought Flax seeds,sesame seeds,tvp chunks,bananna chips only to find they were the wrong type that angel M wanted!!!TOFU beechsmoked;) a tube of mexican tofu paste and linseeds!!! Asked if they had raw chocolate and she looked blank!!!! Oh also got barley cup,yummy!!!!and soya cream! I want to eat better than we have been of late and Mr Angel let me look through his cycling magazine and it did say he should be eating 10 rainbow veg a day and or fruit so I think smoothies springs to mind also milk which he hates but disguised in smoothie fab so i would like a blender Asda HAVE A £19 phillips one!!!!!
Approved box came today omg where will I put it all,so pleased except they didn't have tvp mince and put in extras like scholl cushion thing's in but heh it's fab,thanks DJ!!!I am now not worried if we get snowed under,we have enough soup mix to last years!!!!!and nut roast mix thought my eldest could add different things to those packets and experiment!!!!
At 2 we have the assessor coming round(no I'm not baking) he will I hope gives us a glowing assessment and we will fly through panel!After 2 years our little angel will be ours!!!!Right off to struggle through the sludge now ew it is worse than the snow as it is raining too,oh the joys of British weather,x

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

1 out of 5 turned up!!!!!

It was a meeting to lets us say perhaps not needed to be documented!!!!One out of potential 5 people turned up and I had even baked some blueberry muffins(which still didn't really taste that good) and lemon drizzle cake!!! That among many other things is most annoying about my work is meetings being a waste of time just a formality!!!
We shall see what Friday brings yet another meeting and this meeting does matter!! Our little cupcake came into our lives 21mths ago and changed our home for the better but it has been a huge roller coaster, a learning curve and at times I wanted to give up!Roll on the panel that's what I say!
I have been looking at many lovely blogs and have been inspired to start cooking,but for some reason when I follow a recipe it never quite turns out the same:) sometimes I feel like that programme from years ago "Butterflies",well I can but try!!!Adds a bit more conversation around the dinner table!When I have learnt how to put pics on there may even be evidence of my failures!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

new arrival of yet another sibling!!!!

Well here goes,was given the news of our little cupcake's birth mum's new addition,I tried not asking too many details as I know the s.w's have already pin pointed us as potential adopters for baby L.It puts us in a terrible situation really as where will it all end?Will birth mum continue to have more and more children and have them all taken away at birth or will she stop? Going on what many of these families and the ones we have either cared for their children etc they don't or can't stop!!!!Very sad for the children and very confusing!!!! We have talked about this new arrival and because of some very challenging behaviour issues from our little monkey we feel it would not be fair on either her,our youngest or us really is that bad of us,I'm not sure!!!!! We have been given the dreaded s.w I did not want to finish our old assessment paperwork all he has to do (she says) is make it more adoptive rather than foster friendly!!!!! mmmm the way he portrayed himself on the phone I am worried,as also he did not get friends of ours through panel and they were adopting 2nd time round!!!! We shall see!!!! Cupcake is now in a bed and believe me if you knew her you too would want to of prolonged that even till alot later in her development but after throwing herself out of the cot over Christmas and a text to s.w to explain her injuries we had no choice.But to my amazement she is being very grown up apart from sometimes waking for a few hours during the night rearranging her room!!!!! She is very head strong and pushes all boundaries all of the time but we wouldn't change that for the world.I looked at her tonight with her arms wrapped round her daddy and I had rears down my face she is the most precious cupcake ever!!! xx