Friday, 15 January 2010

Tea pot,fingers and in need of bigger pantry!!!!

Last night we had a bit of a panic well I did and little angel!!! She had managed to get her finger stuck in the plug hole while I was draining water out!!!Sheer panic felled over me and her(why can I not ever keep calm when things happen to my own?) After screaming for Mr Angel for help I managed to loosen it out,phew what a night,I sat and cried and angel kept looking at her poorly finger!!!I will NEVER empty the bath while she is in it again!!!!!
Before all the little episode we had been to TKMAX and I got myself..... a Teapot :) I've been wanting one for ages ever since I bought a fab vintage tea cosy from Mrs Thrifty which shshsh was a gift to my eldest angel who loves a good cup of Earl Grey!!!! It is pale pink with cream stripes!!!I also bought a cornish ware type large milk jug you know the blue n cream stripes,pics to follow!!!!!So pleased even though Mr Angel just raised his eyebrows as if to say "where will you put them?"
Bigger pantry is needed or someone to come in and organise my new buys!!!!I went to Holland and Barrett too and bought a few things but wished I had someone in the know to guide me.DJ you sprang to mind but Scotland is a bit far from the midlands eh!!!! I bought Flax seeds,sesame seeds,tvp chunks,bananna chips only to find they were the wrong type that angel M wanted!!!TOFU beechsmoked;) a tube of mexican tofu paste and linseeds!!! Asked if they had raw chocolate and she looked blank!!!! Oh also got barley cup,yummy!!!!and soya cream! I want to eat better than we have been of late and Mr Angel let me look through his cycling magazine and it did say he should be eating 10 rainbow veg a day and or fruit so I think smoothies springs to mind also milk which he hates but disguised in smoothie fab so i would like a blender Asda HAVE A £19 phillips one!!!!!
Approved box came today omg where will I put it all,so pleased except they didn't have tvp mince and put in extras like scholl cushion thing's in but heh it's fab,thanks DJ!!!I am now not worried if we get snowed under,we have enough soup mix to last years!!!!!and nut roast mix thought my eldest could add different things to those packets and experiment!!!!
At 2 we have the assessor coming round(no I'm not baking) he will I hope gives us a glowing assessment and we will fly through panel!After 2 years our little angel will be ours!!!!Right off to struggle through the sludge now ew it is worse than the snow as it is raining too,oh the joys of British weather,x

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DJ said...

Really glad you were happy with your approved foods order! Have just made another one to them myself!!!