Saturday, 9 January 2010

new arrival of yet another sibling!!!!

Well here goes,was given the news of our little cupcake's birth mum's new addition,I tried not asking too many details as I know the s.w's have already pin pointed us as potential adopters for baby L.It puts us in a terrible situation really as where will it all end?Will birth mum continue to have more and more children and have them all taken away at birth or will she stop? Going on what many of these families and the ones we have either cared for their children etc they don't or can't stop!!!!Very sad for the children and very confusing!!!! We have talked about this new arrival and because of some very challenging behaviour issues from our little monkey we feel it would not be fair on either her,our youngest or us really is that bad of us,I'm not sure!!!!! We have been given the dreaded s.w I did not want to finish our old assessment paperwork all he has to do (she says) is make it more adoptive rather than foster friendly!!!!! mmmm the way he portrayed himself on the phone I am worried,as also he did not get friends of ours through panel and they were adopting 2nd time round!!!! We shall see!!!! Cupcake is now in a bed and believe me if you knew her you too would want to of prolonged that even till alot later in her development but after throwing herself out of the cot over Christmas and a text to s.w to explain her injuries we had no choice.But to my amazement she is being very grown up apart from sometimes waking for a few hours during the night rearranging her room!!!!! She is very head strong and pushes all boundaries all of the time but we wouldn't change that for the world.I looked at her tonight with her arms wrapped round her daddy and I had rears down my face she is the most precious cupcake ever!!! xx

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