Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I want to live by the sea,foster phone calls,Toby

Hi yes I want to live by the sea well we all do in the house I say all I know Jen would love to but he is scared of change, he has only ever known this city life but when we do visit my mum at Wales he takes his bike and he loves it!!!I have been house searching on the web and have found a few one is a lovely Georgian house and has 4 bedrooms 3 receptions a new kitchen but a small garden!On the plus of the garden it has a good sized raised bed where i could do veg and it has a lovely terraced area but the picture I don't think shows the whole of it as the house is rather long and the garden does not look the same!!!I even phoned the local foster place to see if they do et lots of children coming in she just said the ages of our children may be a problem to find us suitable children.Mmm think we may go with local authority then as we really want to help children who do not have safe loving caring homes!
Max my youngest is still on a camp bed on the floor next to or bed he keeps saying he feels too alone to sleep in his room not sure what I am going to do about that.We went to play with his little friend who he went to nursery with yesterday but the little boy wasn't that nice to max who came home feeling very disappointed as he had been counting the sleeps!Counting sleeps yep Max is doing that countdown till we go to Wales in the half term, mind you if I do not get this new job (night duty at a very posh rest home) we wont be going my little job at school doesn't pay much and Jens has been reduced that is another reason to move to Wales we would have much less a mortgage.Haz my daughter is so unhappy here shes 14 next week and misses country life!
TOBY is her dog a cavalier king charles and over weight so we are on a fitness plan for him!!!!!We had a great time in the local field !Night off to dream about a new life in the welsh countryside!!!!!

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