Wednesday, 26 March 2008

waiting, kids return, more books!!!

I feel terrible that I have not kept this up but here I am:) The two older ones will be arriving home soon, they have been in Ireland staying at their dads!!! It has been quiet here and I have been doing lots of furniture moving!!!!We are waiting to hear about a foster placement so I have been rearranging the room around again! I really don#t know how much of these maybe placement phone calls I can take we have said YES to 11 different children and usually due to the local authority's lack of funds we never seem to get these poor children.It is just a waiting game and the building up of all our hopes!!!Everyone keeps telling me once April comes so will the money to home them!So everyone fingers crossed for this new placement can't say much for obvious reasons but I know we can help this child in such a positive way!I feel really guilty that I have not started on our veg patch i must i must get started!!! We had lots of potatoes, sweetcorn, sweet peas and runners last year, and it was my first year with a tiny patch but we did it!!!!!Have been on lots of fab HE blog sites I have found so much inspiration reading through them!Makes me realise I do very little at home with the kids.After reading Lucy's site we did make lovely roman candle holders they were fab!Oh books just ordered a book on attachment disorder, I love getting new books!Also H and I registered on book crossing and I found my first book out in the wild!!!It was on a bench in the thinktank museaum!!!They even have a meet up at a local cafe where we are going to go to on Saturday! My youngest still refuses to sleep in his room on his own even after buying a dream catcher which he says doesn't work and we painted his room in his favourite colour but nothing works!!!Any tips? He is 5!I did say on my other blog that his room really smells of cigerette smoke and noone smoke in our house, one day it smelt like chicken stuffing and no it wasn't my smudging this time!!!!!love & lightx

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