Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Reasons to be cheerful,and a fun advent swap!

Where have I been?Well I won't ramble on about being a bad or rather forgetful blogger,I'll just say sorry!
!Reasons to be cheerful,oh my well,we have been given the first hearing for the adoption for our Angel and it is in November!We don't attend,and birth Mum has until a date in October to shout up about it.Angel 5 is most funniest most determined little angel I have ever known and she is a natural survivor and I love her with my whole heart!
She is at play school this morning for 2 hours and loves it,she doesn't even look back but always says"mummy coming back later",my heart melts.We had to stand up to what we believed was right for her even from 4 days old when I held her in my arms,we had a fight on our hands with the authorities but after many hurdles it is nearly over.(I was going to put up some pictures but because I haven't a clue what I'm doing I have lost them,grrrr!)
I will battle on with finding the missing pictures and tell you about "The coming of the Fairies" later!
Oh nearly forgot my friend Lynda
(couldn't link it as it kept underlining whole of my writing,oh dear bear with me he he!!!)she is doing an advent swap and we all get a partner to swap little things with to open each day leading up to Christmas,it is a lovely idea and for someone like me who wants to make things but finds it hard then it will be searching for things,any way pop over to her lovely blog and get your name down.
Well my lovelies I'm off to collect my Angel and then tonight find the photos for you to see
love& light to you all,


AmyFlorence said...

So glad you're back!!! Congratulations that sounds amazing!! I have no idea how the adoption authorities work, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!

OOoh an advent swap sounds awesome! I love Christmas so much!!

Louise said...

Hey welcome back Becky. I wish you all the best with your adoption.

Becky said...

Oh put your name down Haz has think deadline is tomorrow,couldn't get the link to work;0 xx

Becky said...

Thank you Louise I will pop over to you and say Hi,later xx