Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Do you believe in Fairies?

My Love of Fairies
Do any of you believe in fairies,or did you ever go on fairy hunts when you were little or maybe still do believe in them now?Well below is my Angel 5 dressed in her fairy wings having a cup of tea.Oh dear her poor wings look a bit battered but Angel 5 does do so much flying,in fact she doesn't stop!So I think I need to leave her wings for the fairies to maybe mend in the evening when they may have some free time:)

And here she is my beautiful and very special Angel having her morning tea,on Nov 24th we have our first court hearing one which we don't attend and fingers crossed after that it will be her naming day when she legally becomes OUR angel!It has been a roller coaster for the last 2 1/2 years but as they say there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are nearly at the end:)

Fairies,well have any of you watched Fairytale the film based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finding two girls Elsie and Frances who claimed they had evidence that they had seen fairies,it is the most beautiful film ever for all ages and my Angel3 (now 16) still talks fondly of it.I bought her this book many years ago and found it lurking among the depths of clean/dirty washing in her room,so I though I 'd share it with you all.

The actress Pheobe Nichols whom I used to stay her house when I lived in London as my friend was a nanny to her children played Mrs Gardner the Mum,and I remember even before the film was made she had fairies of different kinds dotted around her London home.I felt very uplifted finding the book and have now ordered the dvd as the video died it's death and can not wait to watch it again.I am no artist by any means how I got a B in G.C.S.E I will never know but I feel the urge to try just try and every time I visit beautiful Kazzy's wonderful blog I long to be able to draw and create talented pieces of loveliness like Kazzy so my lovely readers watch this space,maybe just maybe I will show you a drawing one day!Unless of course the fairies get hold of it first!!!

And this is my other beautiful Angel,Angel 3 of the Angel house,she has a blog called shoutaboutart she has just moved back from Wales and is finding life at College where that have made her choose subjects she doesn't want to do because of cut backs!!World gone crazy what has happened to the right of children?!

Her brother Angel 1 told her (after watching the film and loving the whole fairy thing) that the story was a hoax her whole world fell apart she must of been 6-7 at the time and her brother 8-9 what a cruel thing she has never forgiven him for that but as I keep telling her if you stop believing the magic disappears and we don't want that now do we?She did get her revenge back back throwing a Wallace and Grommit (was his favourite film too)video at him and split his head open!Ah siblings the joy of each and every one of the 5 we have!!!

Both Harriet and I have just received our advent swap partners names from lovely Lynda's blog and we are very excited,so again much for me to blog about:)

Well folks thank you for reading my ramble for today,tomorrow I will show you some bargain finds and tell you about mouse!
Gentle Blessings to you all


LaaLaa said...

I LOVE the film Fairytale hun! I've seen it so many, many times. It's fab. I'm going to look for the DVD now too. It's often on Channel 5 on a Sunday afternoon. Oh and Joe and I think that littley is looking so cute in the photos (and Harriet, of course!) and we want her to come over to our's again soon. Lynda xxx

Becky said...

Ah hun I have looked it is £30 something why is it so expensive?Harriet wants to make the house for the fairies now hehe.Well you know she loves seeing you both and follows Mr Laalaa round and won't leave him have 5 mins peace:)If you find the dvd cheaper please let me knowxxxx

a mermaids purse said...

awww how lovely!!!! and to see your children- they are wonderful!
i fell un love with that story when i was about 12 and it was in the young telegraph paper about elsie and frances-and The film was just magic!!!!...i think i might have lent the film to a uni friend- cos i havent seen it since.
i would love to find that book...
lovely that your daughter loved the story too ;0)
i really hope you get some time to be creative and get into drawing/painting again...i look forward to reading more posts on your art ;0)xxxx