Wednesday, 5 May 2010

All good things come to those who wait!!!

I know it is a bit or rather a huge shock that 1: I'm actually blogging and 2: have managed to put in some pictures!!!All you lovely girls out there are so creative I thought I would sort of have a go!Today I went to a local market,but out of all the stalls there was only one that took my fancy,Harriet told me all about THE stall,so I had to go and have a peek,but sorry ladies I didn't take my camera!!!

What did I find? Well Angel 5 was with me and she HATES shopping my beautiful Angel,who was not supposed to place here in this post but it's all gone crazy(bitten off more than I can chew I think!Not brave enough to show full view pic not yet not till after everything has gone to court then I'll show her off!!!

ANGEL 5 playing!
Back to plaster tins that I had put in but then deleted them and all my waffling!!!

Aren't they just so lovely?Not sure what Mr Angel will think of them or my agency for Health & Safety Ha ha but I love them and at £1 each love them even more!What do you think?Love em or hate em?Now for some more little treasures
Flowers galoreAren't they pretty and only 50p,then came the Butterflies that I wasn't going to let slip through the net for 50pPerfect I think,not so in the mind on Angel 4 who is 7 as he was totally confused about the fact that I would collect these cards from packets of tea and lose tea at that, or what! So my dears some pretty yet simple finds I think!
This post may not be perfect but Claire I think it will do for today!It's a start,I'm a slow learner!!!Hope you are all having a lovely evening,tomorrow is the start of my count down to sitting in front of 12 professionals talking about my dirty washing!!!Intrigued .....all will be revealed!!!!
Love & light


AmyFlorence said...

Brilliant!! sounds like you had a good day!! (love the plaster tins!)

goodluck for tomorrow, if good luck is in order!

hope you're well!


LaaLaa said...

Ah, doesn't she look scrumtious! Bless her. She doesn't look like she'd pull my hair there! I love the plaster tins hun. Where is this market? Another trip out for us so you can show me. When are you coming over? xxx

ShoutAboutArt said...

ooh, Im so pleased your blogging. I'm jealous too, want to go to that stall with you. you found some truly great things there! did you see the telephone and the radio? they are lovely, but quite expensive. I can't wait to come home.

Jasmine J O'Neill-Stone said...

Wow Wow WOW amazing, just awsome, lovee them!! And Angel looks just like a angel, soo cute :)
Good luck about dirty washing? If i can say goodluck?

Jas x

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Glad you had a nice day. Your photos look great!
Lucy xx

Hearthandmade said...

holy moley! Im impressed!!!Ur wee one looks so cute with her curly mop :)

Louise said...

Hi, I can't believe that I wasn't a follower sorry about that but I have stopped by. I wish you all the very best and hope everything turns out right for you all.

Minnado said...

Hello - Thanks for the lovely comment - made me smile after a morning in the supermarket! I love those palster tins. Good luck with the jam making if you do try it. Do you want a recipe?? I can type it out if you do.

a mermaids purse said...

thank you for your sweet hearted comments on my blog! ;0)
love the vintage cards!
and also the tins- great find xx

a mermaids purse said...

hellooooo sweet hearted soul x
loved all the sweet comments on my blog hehe they make me smile so much ;0)xx hehe i must email you back- been out of sorts at mo! ;0(
glad u saw the doodle- its just a rough plan-but i will do start a better one! ;0)xx
love those tins on your blog- just been reading through ;0)
lovely photos xxx kazzy x

Magic Bean said...

Hello, thank you for following my blog. Nice to meet you. Will be back to visit soon, Ax