Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Artist in a making?

My budding little artist!!!!

Deep breath!!!O.k I'm all for letting the Angels creative side come out but I think this is a step too far!Who would think that this little Angel was such an artist:) Doesn't she look just so sweet with her new peppa pig umbrella and new wellies,oh and not forgetting the beret which she used to wear at 6 mths:) Are you ready look what the budding Picasso did to her brothers wall with oil based pastels and newly painted wall;0

Thank goodness it wasn't all over his prized possessions!What could I say?Yep let her creative side come out,come out think she went a step too far coming out hehe!

As I was cooking tea last night she asked for a cloth,thought nothing of it as she does like to help mummy,went in the living room just to check and she had found Angel 4's red arilyc tube of paint!She had a big grin on her face!At this point Angel 4 was walking through the door from college,she was the one who had the telling off:)Kids!!!
But they do make my heart melt,
Thanks for listening and hope you are all having a cheery morning,Beckyx


AmyFlorence said...

Eeek! Alas mess and creativity go hand in hand!! I hope you're having a good week so far! A xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh She's such a sweetie, you couldn't stay cross long could you! I bet you told Angel 4 she shouldn't have left it lying around! Somehow the baby of the family always gets away with murder don't they!

Modern Country Style said...

You sound as though you were very patient! My twins went throuhg a phase of drawing on the walls LOTS. Grr. They were newly painted too.

Your little girl does look extremely cute thoug

Minnado said...

Oh no! My little one is very similar and recently coloured in her brother's bed sheet with a metallic gold felt tip. It's kind of the result of being the little one I think that they have access to so many more paints, pens etc that belong to the older ones. Thanks for your kind comment on my trousers - hope you having a good week.

Hearthandmade said...

lol!! at least she enjoyed it