Thursday, 23 September 2010

A mouse in the house,but it won't get my bargains!!!

Well my lovelies we have a mouse in the house of Angels,it is a very clever sneaky little mouse and doesn't give much away in trails.Let me explain,Angel5 and I had been busy making a cake for Daddy Angel's Birthday,we put the cake to the side and let it cool.Time then for a bit of peppa pig,hehe.After going back into the kitchen this is what I found!

Yes it is a big mouse you are all right,and a tidy worker or nibbler should I say!No evidence on Angel 5,mouth clean no munching no grinning,so it must be a mouse!!!Well what I forgot to say was that I had left the chair that my little Angel had stood on by the cake yep mouse's work was a lot easier he he!!!Here is mouse:)

My beautiful mischievous little girl here with her brother who is pulling rather a funny face!What could I say?I laughed so much it hurt:) All she said was "yaya(what she calls herself) did it!" made my day!Mice like this I can cope with any time!Now onto my bargains,as you can imagine my little Angel really dislikes shopping but sometimes tolerates Acorns the charity shop by me,this is what we found waiting for us with my name on them:)

All these lovely things came to under £10,the two mugs were from Tesco they were £1.50 each but when I got home they only charged me for one,the top still had label on "Tu" from Sainsburys,the crochet blanket will go beautifully in our disability short stay bedroom(I'm trying to make it feel child like but with a seaside feel too),Nineteen minutes by Jodi Picoult,I haven't read any of her books so can't wait to see if she is my kid of author!"Can you see a little bear" by James Mayhew and Jackie Morris is just beautifully illustrated and takes you on a journey through a series of ultra colourful settings in different countries using lush exotic watercolours and rhyming text
I was going to show you some of the lovely pages but for some reason all the pictures are loading upside down so I won't subject you to twisting your heads at this late hour,hehe!
Good night peeps


Hearthandmade said...

im so glad ur back!!

Thats crazy.. we get like a 6'0 blonde mouse in our house when theres freshly baked bread about.. i dont even know where it came from or anything.....

Becky said...

Ha ha these mice get everywhere!!!Hey sweetie yep I'm back and will pop over to your wonderful blog xxx

a mermaids purse said...

what a lovely looking mousey! hehe
love your thrifted finds and those cups! what a lovely treat xxxx

AmyFlorence said...

Haha! Your mouse is adorable :P

I love your charity shop finds! I haven't found anything decent for ages! I've read a couple of Jodi Picoult books, My Sisters Keeper (which I loved) and Change of Heart, which I quite liked :) So I'll be interested to hear what you think of this one! A xxx

Modern Country Style said...

You've got a really lovely writing style. I could read your blog all night....

It's lovely! I'm your newest Follower. How could I resist!?