Monday, 27 September 2010

Mr Postie rocks and my mum is a gem:)

Good morning my dears,are you all sitting comfortably,that's it pull up a chair,anyone for a pot of Yorkshire tea,maybe a coffee,hot chocolate,herbal tea,or maybe a barley cup or a nice cold drink.What's your favourite beverage?Oh yes how observant of you I have baked a cake too,slice anyone?It is a Madeira cake next time I think I'll put chocolate drops in!There that's better,feel refreshed now.I should really cut down on the amount of tea drinking I do,but hey it's damp outside:) Well Mr Postie knocked on my door,urm wasn't expecting anything no not from Amazon or Folksy or Misi etc etc hehe.Look what came,I know you're dying to know!!A bag,yep a big bag,with my mum's writing on the brown paper,do you want to look inside?Angel 5 thought it was Christmas,mind you so did I.I was on the phone the other day saying how I needed to get a coat for Angel 5 and p.j's for Angel 4 and that's what was in part of the parcel along with these beautiesAll from Matalan,what a kind mummy I have but folks that's not all look at thisA coat for ME,it is a sage green/army type green and feels lovely the older Angels say it suits me,it feels very snugly, I just couldn't believe how thoughtful and kind my mum has been,when I phoned she said "it had £10 off if I got it next week but I know it has got colder and you haven't got a proper coat"bless!!!I will save it for my trip to Yorkshire!On Saturday my two older Angels came with me to a vintage market,Angel 3 bought this lovely 1950's bag and a beautiful dress,but for some reason she can not upload any pics on her blog the whole set up has changed if anyone can help I would be most grateful.We had a nice time and I loved mooching amongst the records now both Angels want a record player and one one theseI do love my Angels even their teenage tantrums but don't tell them that:)
That's it for now my lovelies,have a good day
Blessings all round Beckyx


coastal village life said...

What a fab mum you have! I love those wellie boots! Lovely coat too and you'll need it. It was really cold when we went out this morning. Cake looks tasty too, I could do with a slice! Just off to make my lunchtime cuppa and sit down and have a good blog catch up. Michelle

a mermaids purse said...

lovely post- felt like i was right there with u with my whittards cinnamon and spices tea...hehe ;0)x
what a lovely tea pot!
what a kind hearted mother to buy such beautiful treats for you and the children- the boots are so sweet and the coat im sure you must look beautiful in it ;0)
do u think she read one of my posts about the coat? hehe x
bless her x
Your daughter looks so beautiful in her retro outfit and funky bag!
how coool is she? very!!!!!
I think angels are looking ovfer you today xxxx you deserve all your treats xxxx

Hearthandmade said...

I love your bedspread!! I really am so glad your back.

Your eldest angels are so fashionable! Jesus i was NOT a fashion leader when i was 16 lol. Too nerdy for my own good :)

Becky said...

Michelle-Hi thanks for popping by,I love catching up on blogs:) x
Kazzy-Hi oh yum cinnamon spices sounds divine,my friend used to make me a whittards peach one:)My mum doesn't quite get blogs,hehe,she is very thoughtful.x
Claire-Hi thank you,I got the c.k cover from Home style or is it called home sense it's the sister shop to TKMAXX,for half the proper price.I know my Angels don't get their fashion sense from me anyway,thank goodness:) x